Why choose AID mold base

sets/ year
50 0 +
every / single frame
0 Ton +
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plants nearby Shanghai port

Introduction To Best Die casting mold base Manufacturer


our ability:

  • sing frame can be upto 100+ Tons
  • GIFA holder and regular size holder are all available


Capacity: 500+ sets/ year

Stable lead time

Production time is from 6 to 10 weeks depends on the size.

expand your capacity

Our plant can reach 500+ sets mold base & spare parts per year

moderate price

Best balance among lead time, quality and price.

GIFA 2023-06

CMM machine 5000mm *3500mm working table


Some Award Certificates

Honda Adwards

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Ahresty appointed supplier

Ella Li foreign trade manager

+0086-186 0217 7016

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