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Workshop & Reference pics
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We measure 100% the dimensions with tolerance!

Our regular QC report includes:

  • material certificate
  • hardness checking result
  • dimentional report
  • all requirments asked by customer

AID plant key figures

Location: nearby Shanghai/ Ningbo port

Total investment: 200 million RMB;  

registered capital: 20 million RMB

Number of employees: 79

Company area: 37,600㎡

workshop area: 11000 ㎡

Employee dormitory area: 3000 ㎡ (total 5 floors)

Office area: 2700 ㎡ (a total of 3 floors)








Pre assembly is also available!


Giga holders, regular die casting mold frame, spare parts, pre-assembly are all avaliable!

Weekly report with pictures and timeline.

Prepare material with rough machining data is workable.

Bridging the gap between complex engineering processes and your unique project requirements, ensuring seamless collaboration and understanding.

EXW, FCA, CIF, DAP…ect are all workable

ensuring precision and quality with our industry-leading die casting solutions.

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-material certificate

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